The vision that is now the start of Canna-Love LLC has been brewing since 2011. I have been planning and executing events for a long time now even YEARS before the vision of what is now Canna-Love LLC; only within the past years have I decided to complete a couple of programs to further my knowledge of event planning & design to able to add it as a service for others to enjoy as well, not only just friends and family. 

    There was a need for an awesome event planner for the community. One that makes sure to do things legal, elegant, or fun (depending on your preference), & can help you with every step on your way to having an event of your dreams turn into reality. Someone who brings a unique touch to events. From personal events to companies, I am that planner. 

   I’m the one you reach out to if you want to have an event as stress-free as possible, from appointment settings to complete decor set up and tear down the absolute works. From options of very minimal event services to everything included, you show up when scheduled to & enjoy yourself to the fullest extent. During summer outdoor activities I have to limit sun exposure for medical reasons but I have everything set up for success to continue on as planned and even for the not planned.

    Right now Canna-Love LLC is a snowball business, one that when purchases or events services are purchased, the money goes back into the business to allow it to grow (minus supplies & taxes). The goal is to have a restaurant/ bakery open within the following years. If you have been following me on my personal journey over all the years you know that I have been determined to find a way to make this vision come true. The true one-stop shop that you love to come back to; not just for the customer service, wonderful product, or the amazing atmosphere, but for what it stands for and the ability to impact the community positively in so many ways! 

I listen to you, find out your needs and wants, as well as design items that are hard to find. If we can't design them, we find those who can that are also small businesses. The possibilities are practically endless as long as they are legal. There are so many different ways to incorporate any theme into your next celebration!