Virtual Canna-Speed Dating

Virtual Canna-Speed Dating

Written Originally May 14th, 2020

     We are starting our Canna-Speed Dating event virtually due to these changing times, technology and love doesn't stop just because of a serious virus. The idea was created before COVID & with the possibility of this being our new normal for awhile, we had to get creative. With the help of local dispensaries allowing us to send our clients to them to obtain their medicine for the event and having 420 Blaze Radio do our music, we are hoping to set up the right atmosphere for the events each month. 

   Our sole purpose is to create a fun, safe environment that hopefully you can meet your partner of a lifetime. Maybe with it even starting with a toke. 

    Once your ticket is purchased, we will send you an email with a questionnaire within 24hours. Please fill it out as best as you can to help us maximize your canna-speed dating event. 24hours before the event a reminder will be sent out with a link and password as well as anything you may need to know, including your Canna-Card. Clothing is mandatory! 

    During the event we will be providing some fun, ice breaker topics, & everyone in your canna-speed dating category will have a chance for a private chat for 4min 20 sec. You are welcome to leave the room at any time during that period if you are uninterested or feel uncomfortable. We will always have at least 2 hosts active. After the event you will be requested to send in your Canna-Card. 

   48 hours after the event we will reach out to everyone to let you know the results of any requested future dates or if anyone just wants to reach out as friends. We keep all information private until you let us know which information is okay to give out. If you feel as though you would need more than one date before meeting in person or exchanging information, just let us know. We will be happy to arrange it for you at no additional charge. 

  As an added bonus to meeting your partner that you can medicate freely around, we will be offering 50% off any of the 3 wedding packages for those who meet through our event.

   You can purchase your ticket at under Shop/Canna-Speed Dating.

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