The Power of Terpenes

Have you ever stopped and just smelled something so beautiful it took you somewhere else? 

Transported you out of where you were and back into a memory or a favorite moment in time?  

That aroma is a wide variety of terpenes being released by an item in this Universe such as flowers or fruits.  As civilization continues to grow so does our knowledge. 

The way humans are learning to use terpenes for health benefits is truly remarkable! 

Now terpenes are not new but how it has become more accessible in times such as today to the variety we can order from is.  

For almost every ailment the human body endures, there’s a terpene to help! 

 One of my favorite small business brands that use terpenes in bath and body products is Maribliss Essentials.  

The great thing about this that almost feels like it’s a secret is that it is ?? legal and you don’t have to fret about side effects! Some of the aromas may remind you of the smell of cannabis due to terpenes being present there too but there’s a whole world to discover when it comes to it!  Nothing gets in your bloodstream, you’re not going to feel anything that some would call being “high”. There’s none of that to terpenes.  Here are some of my favorite websites to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. One that brings you peace & happiness too.

effects I hope this helps shed some knowledge on this subject a bit more.  Personally, I’ve dabbled in essential oils for over 10 years now but only within the last 6 have I started to open my eyes more to what goes into those essential oils or the breakdown of all the terpenes in each flower.  It’s genuinely spectacular how the Universe works and can help you live a healthier lifestyle too!   

 To support a small business & order some fantastic terpene bath & body products you can visit MariBliss Essentials in person at 1433 E Kenosha St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012, or via her website at 


Kimberly Inge

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