Time to Pack! Our Hospital Staycation

August 2023, it was almost go time!

Fortunately, we were able to know when our hospital stay was coming.  Not everyone can prepare in advance but hopefully, this article can help if you are able to!
After 3 previous hospital stays due to deliveries, I knew what items were a must-have as well as extras I wished I had in the past. 
Honestly, this was the first delivery I brought a light and sound machine for. Those should've been on the list since the 1st! Having a sound and light machine helped change the hospital atmosphere to a more relaxing and calming space. Even if you're sharing a room with someone they might welcome a light that projects stars, an Aurora Borealis, or something else beautiful on the ceiling.
Self care even in a hospital is extremely important so make sure to pack a scent that you love! Are you able to go out in advance? If so go find yourself something that will make you feel refreshed for that first shower there.  A few body essentials I packed included a MariBliss Super Lemon Haze rollon, Feel This Lip Bom, & a shower collection from Buff City Soap.
I'm horrible at packing in advance due to the fact I use the majority of the items I plan on packing leading up to that go day. Spend a few extra dollars to create a bathroom essentials kit to already have ready.  This will save so much stress alone!
Considering we were going in for a delivery of our baby girl, I knew there would be some "down" time.  To help pass the time there was a small Lego kit that got put together in the evening while I was on a MAG drip (which was completely unexpected nor fun).  
The ears you see in the photo above are a gift from my mom to wear while in labor for some giggle moments.
There were also items such as what we wore, snacks to munch on, & extra bedding (including a mountain of pillows) that were included in our baggage. 
It's taken me awhile to submit this article as well as others due to a wide range of pregnancy and post partum experiences that felt like a roller coaster.  A roller coaster that didn't have an end point for the longest time. That is a story for a different article though! When the time is right, they will appear under the blog section on this website.
Thank you for all your support as I continue to still grow my brand, recover, & discover what life has to offer!
Sincerely with Love from,
Kimberly Inge

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