"Half BaKED"

This was such a fun moment to capture during my pregnancy!  On April 20th, 2023, we were halfway towards meeting our newest addition to the Napier Inge household. What better way to show off being 20 weeks than some Ben & Jerry's "Half Baked" ice cream, a belly shot, and having the funny pun of being half-baked on April 20th? 

April 20th this year didn't involve events, custom designs, or the typical dispensary deals galore.  Instead, this momma was attempting to remove a tooth at the dentist, which definitely did not go as planned.   That's okay because despite everything all of us got to celebrate knowing she will be in our arms anytime within these next 20 weeks by eating some of this delicious chocolate-flavored delicacy.  

Make sure to be following along on my YouTube channel for all sorts of adventures! Life is too short not to go have some fun!  

I've decided to start writing more blogs, a little about everything to be honest.  There's so much that has been brought to light over all the years and just following my heart as well as the knowledge that I've gained too.  You'll start to notice changes here and there as I continue to grow this business into what I believe it to be someday.  All your support is greatly appreciated!  

Thank you so much!

Sincerely with Love by Kimberly Inge, CannaLove LLC

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