It’s funny, when I wrote the title to this article I sang it just like it would sound in the song.  

Changes could either be good or bad, but honestly are they truly bad or just off for that moment in time? 

A huge change for me this year except for not being pregnant anymore was not touching any of my crafts and blocking off my desktop computer.  I still had access via my phone which worked great! If there was a notification of an order or comment it would pop right up in my inbox to alert me.   

Sadly those notifications were extremely few and far between over the years so this year was a time for reflection big time!  

Change is inevitable, it’s how we react to it and what we decide to do next. 

For example, in 2024 I don’t plan on adding new designs to my website until the ones I currently have start getting legitimate orders.  The time and love that goes into each specialty design is a lot that I love to give, especially when it puts a smile on your face or someone you love.  

My plan is to go through my current inventory and sell those items.  

Don’t worry you still have the opportunity to order the creations and services off but I would love to start vending in person again.  So far the only way I see that potentially happening is by seeing the online traffic pick up.  In the meantime, posting on YouTube and other types of social media as well as writing articles for this blog has been the positive change I’ve been working on again. 

Remember change is always a work in progress.. It’s never-ending, it’s always changing.  

Stay tuned for more!

Sincerely with Love, 

Kimberly Inge

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