A mom that uses a cannabis plant for the same reason another takes any pharmaceuticals or drinks alcohol.

     While the push for federal legislation is on a high, being a Canna-Parent is still in a grey area for the majority of the United States.  It all depends on your case and the views of those who have a say in your verdict if child protective services or the court is involved.  Making sure the children are always a priority is the number one factor in being a Canna-Parent.  The next is to make sure you follow your local laws in case there are specific lock up or growing specifications, other then that just making sure it’s up out of their reach will suffice.  The last thing anyone wants to have happen is to lose their children.  

       Using Cannabis has helped me with so many different medical conditions over all the years from anxiety, depression, migraines, pain relief in general, & even helping during a basic cold as an anti-inflammatory.  Why should I have to choose a wide variety of pharmaceuticals over a natural plant that offers different strains to help me instead of feeling fear of losing my children verses having a healthy and natural lifestyle?  It’s always baffled and sadden me the news articles over the years of other Canna-Parents losing their little ones just because of using Cannabis within the restrictions of their local laws but due to federal they had to attend classes and possibly luckily enough to get visitation.  Some where unfortunate to have strangers take their children which was not the best choice for the them overall.  Over time some of the corrupt foster families started to appear out of the wood works but even then it was after it was too late.


     The stigma still lingers in their air due to those that are set in their ways, uneducated, or haven’t been woken up yet to the persuasion of the media that has put the fear of what cannabis does to a person into play.  

    Why can a mom have a glass of wine at home with her child playing next to her but having a tinctures medicated cannabis is wrong to have around them?  

     This goes the same for the dads having beers too or those who smoke cigarettes even. 

     Thankfully researchers are constantly discovering new medical facts about Cannabis that even pediatric recommendations happen in the majority of medical states.  This is truly a plant that can benefit everyone in some way or another whether it’s a topical, edible, tincture, or flower.  Not everyone is made the same and some need more help then others but with all the research that has occurred this plant has a lot of potential to impact your life in a positive way too.  Talk to your local Cannabis groups to find tips for your relief that are legal for your area.   

      Other then helping medically, being an OMMA patient has allowed me to feel more comfortable as a Canna-Mom by not fretting about the small stuff.  To enjoy the moments with my boys verses being in bed due to x,y,& z.  Missing out on important moments or having my migraines ruin a trip is the last thing I want to have to impose on my family or those counting on me.   Everyone deserves the best that someone can be, if Cannabis allows for this lifestyle and does no harm to anyone then why turn it into a hate crime? 

      Don’t hesitate to share! The negative stigma should’ve never happened around Cannabis use but times have changed and we are all here to help educate as well as guide.  Let’s officially end it’s prohibition across the board and free Cannabis prisoners for good!

Photographer credit: Lifestyle Photography by Mary



Go check out Mary’s blog regarding the Canna-Mom photo shoot: http://lifestylephotographybymary.blogspot.com/2021/01/canna-moms.html?m=1

Canna-Mom Photographed: Michaela Ahmad, Jean Reimers, & Kimberly Inge

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