Have you ever wondered how to legally be able to have a canna-bouquet? 

Find out DIY steps here to create your dream bouquet! 

*DIY Bouquet Kits are available under the "DIY Kits" section. They include steps for the kit, Bontone Rooting Powder (Instructions, Storage, First Aid, & Information of Product) , 2 Floral Water Vial Pick for Flower Arrangement with rubber lids, & a bouquet holder.  If you choose Canna-Love LLC for a celebration, we do offer flowers services through our Beloved Flowers Collection.

      Have you selected your flower arrangement yet?  Do you have an idea of what you would love it to look like?  There are multiple ways to have a Canna-Bouquet.  The first step is to have access to a Cannabis plant, in most legal states getting a plant is simple.  You just walk right in to purchase a clone and head home.  Others you might have to wait awhile for a seed to sprout and grow to a certain height or stage.  Make sure you plan ahead to give it the proper look, depending on an outdoor or an indoor grow to what time of year or light cycle it is currently enjoying will all depend on the overall look you are trying to achieve.   

      Once you have it all planned out and it's that time to start your bouquet, make sure you have all your accessories and tools needed. For your clipping it will depend on your stage on what you can do with your flower after the celebration. Find out below on tips for the different stages.  

Vegetative Stage

Guess what?! You can take your clipping and regrow it to create another plant while it's in this stage.

This gives a simple elegant look by adding more vibrant leaves to the bouquet. 

Flowering Stage

Depending on how far along your clipping is in the flowering stage will depend on the quality of medicine your flower will produce once it's been dried and cured properly.  

This look fills out a bouquet and draws the attention more towards the flower verses being an accent piece to the bouquet.  

The aroma will be catching your senses during the whole celebration. 

Boutonniere and Corsages are also possible with all stages.  If you are using a "bud" for any bouquet accents, use a bamboo stick through the middle of it vertically in order to keep it stable and attached to the holder without it destroying your medicine.   

Make sure to check your local laws regarding Cannabis to ensure there is nothing against having it at private or public celebration and  that you are following all patient regulations for your area before proceeding with your Canna-Creation. 

If you need any assistance please reach out via email [email protected] 

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Kimberly Inge

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