Adventures on YouTube

Maybe you’ve seen my YouTube channel, maybe not.. 

It’s a mixture of home videos, events, adventures I get to experience, gaming, and so much more!  

If you’re interested the link down below is available or you can click anywhere on this article that says YouTube to be taken to it. 

Originally I started the channel to start working on my brand but then it became so much more! 

 Not only did my boys want me to start uploading more videos but so did my loved ones.  

The support for sharing these moments is exactly why I do it.   

Home videos are almost a thing of the past from what we knew growing up. Every once in a while I’ll run across a home video on VHS and wish to view it as easily as going online and searching it. 

 Social media works great until it’s not there anymore, having multiple places to store moments to cherish is ideal for everyone. If something happens to the internet altogether it’s out of our control but thankfully there are multiple ways to back up data safely.  

 Don’t wait to do a backup though!   

Sincerely with Love, 

Kimberly Inge

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