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Did you know that i stream with a purpose?

You can find me live on my Twitch channel as well as on replay via my YouTube Channel: CannaLoveLLC

Streaming With A Purpose

Find out more here.

Raising Awareness & Money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Raising Awareness & Money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals 

Come enjoy, follow along as there will be stream-a-thons & more to help raise awareness & money! 


I'm here for you!

Whether you want to ask questions, just watch, or chat! With the way the world has changed, so have our ways to socialize. Please come enjoy yourself! I'm here for you however I can help!
LEVELED up to Gamer Woman

Announcements on events, giveaways, new products on my website, & more!

With so much information there's always something new happening each stream!


How do I sign up to be on your ExtraLife "Make The Universe Brighter" team?

We can help raise awareness & money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals together at no charge to join via this link & clicking on the "Join Our Team" button:

If I only want to donate to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is that possible?

ABSOLUTELY! If you click on this link it will take you to my ExtraLife "Make The Universe Brighter" personal page where there are personalized incentives for donating an "x" amount:

I also have other team members that you can donate from as well!  When you click on this link, go down a ways on the page under the video(s) to a tab that says "Roster". Once clicked on, it will populate with my team's personal ExtraLife page to be able to make a donation:

What incentives are there for donating via the ExtraLife Platform?

Currently as of Feb 2022: 

$5 Shout Out on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, & Twitter Accounts

$25 Shout Out on accounts listed above & a $5 credit to my website

How do I find your Twitch & YouTube account?

Click these links or when you're on the platform of your choice search CannaLoveLLC or Canna-Love LLC



Can I really just come on to chat or watch?

Of course!!! There's no charge to do so either! Make sure to turn on the notifications from Twitch & on my channel when you follow me so you can get alerted when I go live.  Sometimes I have the TTS on (Talk to speech) but I always have my chat box pulled up.  If you just want to watch, I hope you enjoy! I go over new information going on with what I am up to with my company and life overall, there's announcements for giveaways happening on other platforms, fundraisers, & more!

Do you have a Discord?

I do!!! Please send me an email to [email protected] or message via one of my social media accounts to receive a link that will be valid for up to 7 days. 

What type of questions am I allowed to ask?

Well... just about anything! I love to educate, help, & make the Universe brighter! Something to always remind yourself in general is to just be careful what you always ask someone. You may not like their answer. Usually my answers will make you smile, think, or/and laugh. 

Thank you for all your support! I hope to bring you enjoyable quality content throughout the years as well as so much more for the community around us all!

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