The Canna-Love LLC Project

        The definition of a community is a group of people with something in common; at Canna-Love LLC our community is anyone that breathes oxygen, not just any group in particular, but everyone that wants to have the best life possible.  Located in Oklahoma is going to be a multi story building named Canna-Love LLC Headquarters, hosting so many amazing things for the community such as but not limited to what is listed below from 4:20pm-4:20am. 

       There will be music programs for all ages and types of instruments that we will have available on hand to rent out while on property as well as practice rooms.  Each one is monitored as well as sound proof to help with performance and less distractions for others to learn.  

       Classes will range in the event venue and community center for all ages and activities on a monthly basis.  From arts like painting and pottery, to technology, home economics, and much more that will be available for anyone interested. 

       Our community center will be open to help those in need whether it’s a safe place for the night, to talk to someone that can get them on the right track or in a safer place, a warm meal, or to enjoy activities that have a positive impact on their lives.  Showers and clothes will be provided as well as services at a reduced cost/no cost rate to them. There are programs in place for community clean ups in exchange for extra items such as tents, meal/night vouchers, and more.

        The museum would be open during operating hours that features amazing and unique items ranging from family heritages to what is going on with our planet and the universe with everything in between!  Virtual reality will be implemented in one of the exhibits as well as the space programs that the founder of Canna-Love LLC has been a part of. 

       On the main floor will have a section for retail including local small businesses that are showcasing their amazing creations to sell.  From jewelry, party accessories, wearables, art, and more will be found in this area as well as popular convenience store items for those last minute, don’t want to make an extra stop out of the way home moments. 

      There will be a select number of rooms on premise to be rented out per night or on a weekly basis. These rooms will each be uniquely designed featuring some of the amazing adventures this universe has to offer us. If you visit one of our surrounding affiliates and need a safe place to stay, a discount will be provided.

      Our goal is to have an event venue space that is able to host and be rented out for events that are spectacular but affordable for everyone.  Every detail is taken into account because memories last a lifetime, especially those in photos and videos.  

      The building does have an elevator as well as being ADA compliant to be able to accommodate everyone.  There will be custom murals on all walls of the building inside and out that accent the surrounding areas.  All the way down to the tabletops will be custom designed to be one of a kind for the business.  

      As soon as you walk into the dining room you will be transported to an amazing atmosphere, from the aromas making your mouth water to the rolls-royce custom ceiling, nothing is what you have seen before.  The menu is truly unique from custom made items by the founder to some of the most unique delicious finds over the world that are hard to find in Oklahoma all in one spot. With the  kitchen being big it is able to be rented out to a small business to cook or bake in while they build up their business.  

      On different nights there will be different genres of music playing in the lounge. Other areas of the building include but not limited to gaming recreation area, meditation room, and a place to relax and watch tv or read a book.  

      The prospective location is surrounded by a nightclub, dispensary, and bars that are all next door with more family friendly activities such as a movie theatre, baseball stadium, and more within a 4mile radius. What we are able to bring to the area is more culture to the variety of activities that are already there that amplify how truly everyone can come together in one place, a safe place for everyone to come together, and make miracles happen big enough to impact this planet and universe in the most positive and amazing way possible.

Would you love to get involved?  Currently by purchasing an item or service through Canna-Love LLC at or in person, the profits are going back into the business to achieve the full potential of this project and more! Sole Financial Investor(s) are accepted under separate terms, please reach out to talk to Kimberly Napier Inge for more information and to discuss the contract. The current amount for the Canna-Love LLC Project is totalling at $10,142,000.  Other ways to get involved will be posted as they become available.

Thank you for all your support!  It truly takes a community to take care of the community and this planet as well as the next.

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