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Before getting in-depth on how to live life to the fullest while on a budget, you have to determine your budget.  Look up people like Dave Ramsey or a local financial planner to help get you on the right track. Please look into your priorities if there is a negative to positive ratio for income to debt. You can still live your life to the fullest while living on a budget; it takes time & some adjustments but you too can be enjoying what life has to offer with the tips below! 

                                                                                                  Being on a budget, a parent or a responsible human doesn't mean you can't enjoy life! It may just look a little different until you can achieve financial freedom but make the most out of it in the meantime!


Get out & explore!

If you have $0 to spend on transportation or have no one around to travel with then thankfully a good portion of humans have the ability to walk a short distance.  Sometimes the easiest way to enjoy what life has to offer is right in front of us... nature! Have you ever looked down at your nearest surroundings and noticed how tiny life can be and survive the most harshest of conditions? Maybe looking up to the sky and realizing that it's only an average of 50 or so miles depending on your elevation to space? The fact our Earth is as precious as it is can be fascinating no matter where you live.   

Some of us are fortunate to be able to save for a vacation or don't have mobility limitations.  Regardless of the situation if there is a will there is a way, always remember that!  It may take a bit longer for some of us than others and that is okay because when it's time those moments are cherished either way.  Time in itself is priceless, plus there are so many legitimate giveaways out in the world that you can always win your next vacation! When entering giveaways please do research into the page, company, and the information they are requiring to help protect against identity theft. 

Depending on the time of year and location there are a wide variety of activities to take part in when traveling for any budget. Sometimes renting a house or camping is more ideal than a hotel room. Research, research, & more research is the key to planning a successful trip no matter the cost.  This helps prepare you for unexpected deposits and more! Always give yourself a small cushion at least for when times don't go as originally planned. Spending a little extra for plans like AAA or trip protection is absolutely worth it! Double-check policies because sometimes one may cover more than you expect.  

Additional Budget Travel Tips

Depending on the hotel make sure to pack bug spray in advance and I'm not just talking about the kind for mosquitoes.  Sure a place can more than likely move you rooms but your next room may not be any better if there were bugs in the first. Bringing a few extra trash bags in case you encounter anything like this is also really helpful to prevent bringing home extra gets on your items home or to other places.  If a place is ever questionable, to begin with, make sure to only bring the necessities and have additional items in containers/plastic bags per night. Usually, if you kill enough bugs during your stay and report it appropriately the room will be discounted.  Don't go trying to pull any fast ones out there for fraudulent activity including fake bugs or bringing bugs from other places. There are ways to tell if a person is lying and more. There are lots of DIY ways to get rid of bugs too just do your research.

Don't over-exert yourself on things to do during your trip but make the most out of it! Look up roadside attractions or secrets to things you are about to do.  There is so much information accessible to us all it's amazing! Go get curious and have an adventure! In case things don't go as planned for your original trip at least you got to make the most out of it in other ways. Life is to short to not take the extra few moments to do something that puts a smile on your face.  Even if it's as simple as pulling over to watch the Sunrise or Sunset.  

The more research and planning you do, the better your traveling on a budget will be. Sometimes the simplest answer is the one right in front of us.

Rewards & Discounts

Sign up for the rewards even at places you hardly go to, it all adds up, and usually, around birthdays there are some amazing incentives! Most loyalty programs are free too so why not?

If you are not sure a place has anything like a loyalty or rewards program just ask.  Same if you're wanting a discount somewhere. A lot of places offer specials too!

Before you travel somewhere new look into local places you may be visiting, sometimes they offer a free appetizer or discount on your next visit.  If you wait until you get there in person to sign up for something the email or reward may not appear in time to use. Also NEVER pay full price for a hotel again, even campgrounds offer memberships and have specials via their website and others. Just remember to always make sure the site you are booking through is ligament and to read the reviews on the places to ensure authenticity. Nothing is worse than being on budget and wasting time, especially on vacation. Money won't be so much of a worry cause as stated before, the protection plans are worth it, and always planning for those unexpected costs helps protect you from having your time completely ruined.  

The Secret

To live life to the fullest while being on a budget...

Times that don't go as expected are not the end of the world... Unless it really is the end, we would have meer moments left to be at peace with ourselves.  But, they are just off days or off moments. Not necessarily bad either, just means we have the opportunity to learn and grow from it.

Money should not control the way we live. We control the money in our life. If something isn't working out, look at the overall picture for your life, not anyone else's, and determine the next course of action. This can be from getting another job, downsizing, donating plasma, and so much more! No matter how old you are it's never too late to plan for the future.

Don't be afraid of negative impacts

A good percentage of Americans have been either homeless, dealt with something negative financially, or have had hardships at some point in their lives.  If you're reading this then more than likely you are in that percentile.  Heck, we are for sure! Now our goal is to make sure to educate those around us as well as our future generations that you can live life to the fullest while being on a budget.  

There are so many ways to help! When times are tough and nothing feels like it's going right, look into seeking help.  Local charities and organizations have programs around major cities set up to help you get on your feet from financial assistance to job opportunities and more! Just because one place may have run out of assistance to give out or they have a waitlist doesn't mean others may not be available.  Maybe you don't qualify, whatever the reason don't be afraid of the outcome.  So many people are willing to help but just afraid of being scammed. Sometimes the way they are only able to help is by offering assistance in a form you never expected like advice or a job offer.

The possibilities to enhance your life are there it ultimately depends on how you handle the situations. It's NEVER going to be this way forever as long as you make sure it doesn't.  Half the battle is trying alone. Don't do anything you're ever not comfortable with morally or ethically.  If it gets you out of your comfort zone that's a different story but never break on who you are as a human being.  

Just because past generations or those around you did something you feel isn't right doesn't mean you can't make your own path, you do not have to follow in their footsteps.  To the best of my acknowledgment, we are only given one life so make the most out of it but don't forget how your impact will last for generations to come.

As far as debt, do your research! There is so much information out on the internet explaining how to talk to debt collectors, pay off your debts within reason, and so much more! The plus side is that no matter how much you owe there's always a way out. It may be hard in the meantime but you can survive!  

You won't always be on a strict budget and discounts and loyalty reward programs are the ways you get to treat yourself to save an extra few dollars here and there.  There will be a day that the cheapest hotel room you could find will be a thing of the past as you get to enjoy better overnight accomedations.  

Certain moments in time are priceless! No amount of money can be put on it.

Don't work your life away without living it the way you want too. Tomorrow is never guaranteed nor is an hour or two from now but don't let those moments slip by.

To live your life to the fullest whether your on budget or not is honestly understanding and knowing that life is interesting in it's own ways.  

How we came to be? 

Why am I here? 

Why is this happening to me? 

Will it ever end? 

The fact life comes from such a microscopic organism that grows into something so big and spectacular.  Sometimes our view points on what spectacular is differs by the way we were raised to the influences in each of our lives.  That is okay, everyone is different in some way or another.  It makes humanity what it is. But we do have to understand that living on this beautiful planet we are all together. 

You are NOT alone despite how you may feel or those around you making you feel that way.  

Somewhere out there is peace, beauty, and financial freedom.  You too can find it despite however long it takes.  

Make the most out of your life because the more you understand the easier it will be to be at peace, to live your life to the fullest.  Even if you too are on a budget.


Kimberly Inge



Date 10/17/2022

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