Let's Leave It In 2020..
All the negativity, the drama, the hate... let's leave it in 2020.
When it's time to shout "Happy New Years", "It's finally 2021", or "Jumanji" just remember to make this upcoming year as best as possible! 
This past year has shown so much truth, some heartbreaking but also a lot enlightening. I'm not here to spread all the truth that has been shed between people nor their companies, but just to share some words; words that hopefully can reach someone to make their life a little better too. 
My own path this year has led me to be in a peaceful state of heart despite any burdens the environment nor the economy has instilled by doing the following. 
Before posting anything online, breathe and think, will there be hatters? More then likely yes, but is it worth my energy fighting them when I know they will be coming? Technology has allowed us to remove people, delete comments, and move on if we allow it too. There are also ways to set the filter to public, friends, or private for just personal use. 
 There has been so much hate this year regarding people, instead of letting it boil up/consume/overwhelm us or one another, let's try to breathe and move on. Believe me there are bigger battles worth your energy. 
 With so many creators out in the world, if you have an issue with one just find another. Find one that has that special touch and that treats you like a human being not just another dime in their pocket. 
Remember that we only get one life to live, let's leave 2020 behind and make 2021 amazing!
 Have a wonderful New Year's!
Stay safe, healthy, & warm!!!
*Originally posted on 12/30/2020 on last website platform.*

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