Harvest Fest 2021 Out Of This World Community Camp

If you haven't heard of Harvest fest in spavinaw, OK you are now!

Come Join!

    There are multiple ways to join; to find out more via their website or purchase tickets directly from them, click the box below (if you are planning on being within our Community Camp please let me know as well as when you get your tickets through Camp Copperhead). Sponsorships and Vending are available for Harvest Fest 2021 through the link below as well.  

    We are setting up a Community Camp that is literally "Out Of This World", if you would love to join and need to purchase tickets you can do so via the Out Of This World Canna-Love LLC Community Camp embedded link or on the side bar under the section "Harvest Fest 2021 Activities & Community Camp". 

     Read below to find out exactly what the "Out Of This World" Community Camp is going to entail to see if you would love to join along or just have fun camping at Camp Copperhead or within another fabulous Community Camp.  Tickets for the festival are also available through local vendors and sponsors as well if you prefer to get them in person.  Keep a lookout for those giveaway passes from various companies across Oklahoma! 

It's Defiantly Going To Be "Out Of This World"!

For Harvest Fest's 3rd Year of Festivities from September 10th-12th,2021 at Camp Copperhead in Spavinaw, OK it's going DOWN! Or UP in some cases!

Last year Canna-Love LLC did a Nightmare Before Christmas Cannabis themed Community Camp for our 1st year at Harvest Fest.

This year, the theme is "Out Of This World" considering that the 1st Civilian Mission to Space is less then a week after the festival!!!

From giant hand built mushrooms that are taller then the average fungi, flying objects glowing in the trees as if magic was making them come to life in the wind at night, recycled materials to create a magical experience during the day, & an overall feel of being "Out Of This World".  There may be a few extra art installations not mentioned in this paragraph that will keep you on your toes wondering in the meantime... 

This year's Community Camp will be towards the beginning of the camping area to give easy access to the festival grounds as well as give an experience to those walking to other adventures into the property, specially at night.

Perks of camping with Canna-Love LLC's Community Camp are beyond numerous, but here are just a handful: 

1 - You get the Canna-Love LLC glamping treatment.

2 - The activities available to your access are more then you can count on both hands.

3 - A goody bag designed for the Harvest Fest camping experience.

4 - Morning tunes with good vibes all day long & snack pop ups for camp members.

5 - Creating amazing and positive memories that last for futures to come!

Would you love to do a COLLABORATion?

    Last year was such a blast! This year is definitely going to be out of this world! At our Community Camp we would love to feature a handful of various activities for everyone to be a part of, not just our camp members.  Some of these activities are but are not limited to, balloon painting, body painting, and pendulum painting. Even possibly our Canna-Mingle App Launch.  We are looking to collaborate with some other amazing canna-friendly businesses to really bring some extra fun to all sides of the community.  Half Baked Bus won’t be able to attend due to distance but she has Paint Your Own Pipe kits that are available on the website until a month prior to ensure that everything is ready to go in time. 

    Other collaborations can be included but not limited too educational seminars, instructional classes, meditation, readings, & so much more to help keep the festivities going for all different lifestyles.  If you have any questions or would love to collaborate please let me know by August 21st, 2021. There are some big things headed this way for our community!  Thank you!

Harvest Fest 2020

Curious to see what 2020's event was all about? Open the video below on YouTube to verify age and find out!

    Make sure to constantly check the Out Of This World Canna-Love LLC Community Camp  embedded link or on the side bar under the section "Harvest Fest 2021 Activities & Community Camp".  I will be adding more activities and information there to get signed up for in order to guarantee your spot/supplies.

    Thank you so much for your support!  Hope to see you at Harvest Fest 2021! 


Kimberly Inge

Canna-Love LLC

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