Cannabis In Space

This is a touchy topic to say the least but someone is got to bring acknowledment to canna in space!

Did you know that there has already been research regarding cannabis in space? 

It's quite fascinating knowing the interest behind the benefits of this plant stretch further than our atmosphere.  From its uses as building materials and more to the medical benefits it holds is literally out of this world! 

A lot have asked how would this be possible. Thankfully we live in a day in age that between testing and various ways of consuming it doesn't make it any different than getting Tylenol or Benadryl depending on where you live of course. Being in Oklahoma as it has evolved legally has been powerful to watch and when the day happens it becomes federal it will be the same. The medical benefits are outstanding when used properly!

What's really exciting is knowing that there are companies currently pushing for hemp studies in space due to legal reasons federally.  

If I was sent into space and was allowed to use tinctures, edibles, or canna-capsules everything would be documented to help further the progress of natural medicine in science. 

In the meantime, Artemis 1 has allowed us to achieve going around the moon using our names. From a simple registration, we were able to put not only our names, but our children's, & even the business.  

That's right, Canna-Love LLC has officially been around the moon! It took a while for the mission to happen, but it officially launched on November 16th, 2022, and will return to Earth on December 11th. 

To keep up to date with the Artemis mission click here to be taken to the official website with detailed information.

Oh, what exciting times to be living in!


Kimberly Inge

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