An Amazing Opportunity
I am officially entered for an amazing opportunity to full fill a dream that I thought was just a little out of my reach!  On my Dad's 5th year deathversary I had the announcements left and right for this opportunity was presenting itself to me and I qualified for one of the seats after I took the time to switch my website platform over.  Between planning, decorating, & hosting a Baby Shower, taking the couple back home to NOLA, getting ready for the next vending event, homeschooling two, raising a toddler, doctors appointments for the kids, hosting a virtual wedding in Vegas, being a wife, mother, friend, daughter, small business owner, & part time employee I was able to switch services, blog information, & so much more over to complete the steps to finish qualifying.
     Now all that is left to do is get my video trending on Twitter for my original post:    
     I'm up against those who have started their business just to qualify and that have thousands upon thousands even millions of followers.  My reach is more local and specific to those I've been able to truly reach. 
       My background history itself digs deep to why this has been a dream, once a goal until I realized what it takes to be an astronaut in the time I was developing who I was.  See... I was born in August 1991 at Cape Canaveral hospital, to Joseph & Callye Timmons. Going to space launches and events were a huge part of our families lifestyle up until my dad retired from Lockheed/NASA and we relocated to Arizona for 7 years in a small town. While in school we relocated again to a blue ribbon school town in Madison, AL. The outskirts to Huntsville where the U.S. Space & Rocket Center are. At this point flying in the shuttle and being in space was my top dream! In 10th grade, we relocated again to Tulsa, Ok where I was able to start working on my private pilots license. Got creative doing a duct tape scholarship and realized the dreams to do what I wanted was going to take a lot of sacrifice that just wasn’t my big picture. 
     Being there to help others, having a family, & living the most out of my life meant that dream was just going to be a very expensive one possibly some day. In 2020 I finally decided to make my own dream a reality turning my hobbies over all the years into a LLC. 
    Left and right I’ve had plenty of reminders from whatever or whoever is out in the universe pointing us in directions we go to make sure I stayed on track to get everything done needed. Now all I need is your help to get the video on twitter trending so the panel of judges can choose.
   Like I always say anything is possible when you put your mind to it and as long as it’s legal. Just because I am a mom doesn’t mean that I don’t have huge goals, it shows others that you always have to look forward to something. To teach our future generations to not give up on dreams, to work hard, and make the most out of life. 
    I hope everyone stays warm, heathy, and safe. And thank you, I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!!!

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