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  • Holey Clothes Donation Drive

    Holey Clothes Donation Drive

    Don't Throw away those clothes! Let's Make A Difference Instead! This is a huge project that I’m working on to turn unsellable & normally undonatable items to be turned into blankets for the homeless.  Please get in contact with me
  • Harvest Fest 2021 Out Of This World Community Camp

    Harvest Fest 2021 Out Of This World Community Camp

    If you haven't heard of Harvest fest in spavinaw, OK you are now! Come Join!     There are multiple ways to join; to find out more via
  • Toke n' Drag & Pride 2021

    Toke n' Drag & Pride 2021

    What are you doing for Pride Month 2021?  If your month is filled with events, educational series, or you are just taking the month to heal or grow, make sure to check out at least the Toke n' Drag!   Find out more info below or visit
  • "Canna-Mom"

    A mom that uses a cannabis plant for the same reason another takes any pharmaceuticals or drinks alcohol.      While the push for federal legislation is on a high, being a Canna-Parent is still in a grey area for the
  • Canna-Bouquets


    Have you every wondered how to legally be able to have a canna-bouquet?  Find out DIY steps here to create your dream bouquet!  *DIY Bouquet Kits are available under the "DIY Kits" section. They include steps for the kit,
  • The Canna-Love LLC Project

    The Canna-Love LLC Project

            The definition of a community is a group of people with something in common; at Canna-Love LLC our community is anyone that breathes oxygen, not just any group in particular, but everyone that wants to have the best
  • OMMA Patient Friendly Event Venues & Establishments in Oklahoma

    OMMA Patient Friendly Event Venues & Establishments in Oklahoma

          Oklahoma has come along way from looking at cannabis like it was the devil’s lettuce to accepting it medically with open arms. For those looking to host a safe cannabis friendly event check out the the list of venues
  • An Amazing Opportunity

    An Amazing Opportunity

    I am officially entered for an amazing opportunity to full fill a dream that I thought was just a little out of my reach!  On my Dad's 5th year deathversary I had the announcements left and right for this opportunity was presenting itself to